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My Name is KAUSAR UDDIN Winbond’s owner. I am a  computer Hardware-software and Mobile Technician also a YouTuber. Before working in Switzerland Now job in Italy.

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Facebook is the most popular social site to connect my Facebook friend list I have more than 3500+ friends list. if you are not added join now. you are invited to join my friend’s list. I have also a Facebook business page mobile accessory related page here. mobile phone service and tips trick page this

Since 2003 I am working on mobile and computer-related works.I am alloying to try to share my knowledge with my friends and audience. I have the flowing site


When I work on the phone sometimes I try to recode video and showing my other students. Sometimes I send them video files to much time because they DELETE its mistake. For Tutorial purpose I create a YouTube channel and share my Mobile and Computer service-related works you are invited in my channelwinbonds youtube .