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Realme C21-Y (RMX3263) One Click FRP , Pattern Unlock Using unlock Tool last 2022

Relami C21-Y FRP Unlock Tips

realmi frp unlock

  1. Turn Off Phone
  2. Open Unlock Tools
  3. Select Speradtrum
  4. Choice Barnd (Phone Model)
  5. For Unlock Choice Format Data
  6. For FRP Unlock Select  Erase FRP
  7. Connect phone using vol down key
  8. wait for unlock and done

Download Unlock Tools latest ver Here

Here Is text after unlock Realme c21-y

ERASE FRP Selected Model : Realme C21Y V1
Code Name : RMX3261 | RMX3262
Operation : Erase FRP [1]
  Authenticating… OK
  Retrieving data… OK [430.76 KiB]
Hold VOL DOWN then plug-in USB cable!
Waiting for device… COM20
Protocol : SPRD3
Sending FDL1… OK [57.85 KiB]
Boot ver: Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.1
Sending FDL2… OK [867.41 KiB]
   Model Name : S19610AA1
   Product Name : RMX3261
   Android Version : 11
   Security Patch : 2022-09-05
   Build ID : RMX3261_11_A.86
Erasing FRP… OK
UNLOCKTOOL 2022.12.24.0
Elapsed time : 18 seconds

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