Zhiyun Smooth 4 3 Access Gimbals Stabilizer For Smart Phone 2020

smooth 4

Zhyune Smoth 4

 There is few Gimbals in market I am not talk with theem and not compare I will share my best experience the New SMOOTH 4 Gimbals video Stabilizer. Its design For YouTube video and mobile Filmmaking. i will share my experience that i learn using this Gimbals .

smooth 4
Few Month before I order it from the Internet  And one day it comes to my house letterbox. First,  I am so excited to open this box. When open it. I am looking it’s all component one USB type C charge cable one. Easy setup Gimbal Stabilizer the base or you can say stand. The box is not so good to live it we are not using this, let’s talk about this Zhiyun smooth 4 Gimbal.IN this video I will share some video footage that I shooting using smooth 4 Gimbal. Zhiyun Smooth-4 Smartphone Stabilizer has been designed to provide cinema-style functions to content creators using their mobile phones for video capture

 The button of this stabilizer

 zhiyun smooth 4

The most important thing you should remember doesn’t turn on this gambler without fixing your phone balance. Now I am showing how to fix the balance. Take a look at this phone is lay-down left side Now I Have to move it little right side and check it. without turn on it. Now its lay-down right side I have to move it little left side and check it. perfect done Its time to turn on it just press the power button 3 seconds it will be turned on. Now its balance well.  Unlock My phone to open its application This Is zine apps you should download it from app store android and iso both are free for all.


gimbal zhiyun smooth 4

How to setup and button identify. It’s a very simple and nice-looking gamble made in solid plastic

Hot Keys for Instant Control:

Reducing the inconvenience of constant needs for touching the screen, and that is how you can control all parameters of the phone camera, including resolution ratio, exposure compensation, and ISO. Free downloadable ZY Play app enables Android and iOS users to control both gimbal and smartphone camera functions such as focus, zoom, time-lapse,
Smooth Zooming and Precise Focusing: By rotating it’s unique follow focus handwheel, you can smoothly zoom in/out the footage and create more diverse images. After pressing the follow focus button, the handwheel will turn into a follow focus controller, where you can control the focus manually, creating more possibility for your shooting

Phone Go Mode for Instant Scene Transition: By simply triggering the button on the back, you can enter your Smooth 4 into full-speed following -“Phone Go” mode. In this mode, Smooth 4 can follow every single of your movement synchronously. The scene transition is just in a flash. When you need to quickly move the stabilizer to capture the picture, you don’t have to worry about losing the lens
Object tracking 12Hours Long Runtime: Smooth 4 can realize both presented Time-lapse and customized Motion lapse and hyper-lapse. With freer angle settings along all three axes, while allowing AF and WT adjustment at the same time, it invites new possibilities to make impactful time-lapse. You can frame the object you want to track on the screen, and the stabilizer can do the rest. Smooth 4 can run for 12 hours in a row. The battery indicator can tell you how much power is still left


Zhiyun Smooth 4 6 Months Extended Warranty Offered by PER GEAR, Remember to Register Online for 18 Months Warranty Totally After Your Purchase. Note: FILMIC PRO is now featured on Smooth 4, you can use Film Pro as an alternative to ZY play.


Free downloadable ZY Play app enables Android and iOS users to control both Gimbals and smartphone camera functions such as focus, zoom, time-lapse, and still photo settings. A dedicated “Vertigo” function emulates the perspective-shifting, dolly/zoom effect dear to many filmmakers. It is more ergonomically laid out and better labeled with icons compared with Zhiyun Smooth-3. There is a significantly larger focus/zoom wheel for PhoneGo mode to quickly grab the action with smooth transmission. The functions of multiple time-lapse and object tracking also bring you more shot inspiration. It supports smartphone weighing up to 7.4 oz and measuring up to 3.35″ high, offers 300-degree pan, 240-degree roll and 240-degree tilt for nimbly capturing action shots or smoothly gliding along with more tranquil scenes.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, featuring a runtime up to 12 hours. A USB Type-C port on the handgrip enables you to add a separately available power pack to extend your shooting time. An LED display indicates power statues. Included mini tripod and designed 1/4″-20 female thread on the handgrip bottom can bring you better-using experience by compatible accessories.


  •  Supports smartphones weighing up to 7.4 oz / 210g, and up to 3.35″ in height
  • 360° of the pan, 240° of tilt, and 240° of roll; Large, cine-style focus/zoom wheel with a witness mark
  • Dolly Zoom Vertigo effect, Quick-response Phone Go modes, Multiple time-lapse and follow-mode choices;
  • Up to 12-hour runtime, able to charge for the phone while shooting, support an external power pack
  • Use with the free, downloadable ZY Play app to control select iOS/Android phone functions


  • Number of Axes: 3-Axis
  • Rotation Range: Pan, 300 degrees; Tilt, 240 degrees; Roll, 240 degrees
  • Payload: 2.65 to 7.41 oz / 75 to 210g
  • Smartphone Dimensions: Height 2.44 to 3.35″ / 62 to 85 mm
  • Ports: USB Type-C
  • Battery: Lithium-ion Battery with the capacity of 2000mAh, 5.0V
  • Runtime: 12 hours
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Operating Voltage: 7.4V
  • Operating Temperature: 14 to 113 F / -10 to 45 degrees
  • Mounting: 1/4″-20 Female Thread
  • Dimensions: 12.91*4.84*4.13″ / 328*123*105mm (with handlebar)
  • Weight: 19.29 oz / 547 g (with handlebar and battery)

First time When I bought it its price was nearby 139$ but Now its price droop. You can buy it under 120$ yeah it’s not fun check the link in my video description. I can trust this if I drop this I think it noting happened but I never drop it yet. its nobs build quality everything impresses me a lot. I love this magnate position I think you can hear it.